Diversity at Melchor

Melchor Contracting is dedicated to promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace. It is Melchor’s policy to endeavour to recruit a diverse workforce and to provide equal opportunities for all applicants and employees.

While building diverse teams, Melchor Contracting recognises the importance of belonging and empowerment in our workplace. We want to create an environment where all individuals feel secure, supported, and able to be their authentic selves. Whilst diversity allows Melchor Contracting to benefit from a more productive, effective and innovative team, our overriding desire is to positively impact individuals’ growth, success, and mental well-being at work and home.

Commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

Through our place in the Western Australian Construction industry, Melchor Contracting recognise we can make positive changes through education, employment, and business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Melchor Contracting is committed to creating an environment where Indigenous culture, beliefs and values are acknowledged and respected and genuine career opportunities are accessible. We have published an Aboriginal Engagement Plan outlining the real and tangible outcomes Melchor Contracting has set to achieve during 2022-2024.

imgWe are dedicated to promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace.

Women in Construction

We strive to create a fair and inclusive workplace and apply equitable employment practices to allow all employees to reach their full potential. Our commitment to gender diversity has seen the percentage of female employees grow steadily since the company’s inception in 2017. The disciplines our female workforce currently fills are:

  • Quality
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Civil Construction (Labourers, Riggers, Operators, Apprentices)
  • Administration
  • Marketing and,
  • Project Support

Eager to sustain female participation, reduce barriers, and create further opportunities for careers in Construction, Melchor Contracting has committed to:

  1. Implementing a Female Leadership Mentoring Programme, partnering female employees with female industry leaders. During the mentoring journey, participants will develop their leadership skills and confidence and broaden their industry network.
  2. A more comprehensive Maternity Leave Programme, ensuring our employees are well supported and their return to work needs are accommodated.
  3. Provision of opportunities and coaching with existing leaders to prime female colleagues to take on leadership and senior roles.