Our Commitment to Quality

At Melchor, 'quality' is everyone's responsibility and is at the heart of everything we do. Quality in our work, quality in our culture, and quality in our partnerships. We are dedicated to continually improving our quality management system and setting the standard in the construction industry.
Compliance and Certification

We believe that managing by compliance is vital to maintaining the highest quality standards. Melchor adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ensuring that our work consistently surpasses customer and regulatory requirements.

We conduct audits of critical processes within our organisation as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. This dedication to compliance is complemented by transparent reporting, shared goal setting, and a reward and recognition culture among our dedicated team.

Culture of excellence

For Melchor, quality assurance is all-encompassing, extending to every aspect of our business: each transaction, communication, and action. We instil a culture of integrity, responsible business practices and accountability. We adopt a ‘do it once, do it properly’ approach to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations and deliver on time.

imgOur measure of quality is what our people, partners and clients get out of our projects and work.

Holistic approach

Our commitment to quality embraces cohesive alignment between management, work teams, the Integrated Management System and our clients’ contractual requirements.

Inspiring leadership, recognition of goal achievement and empowering idea generation ensures the Melchor team remains engaged with the Quality Assurance Framework we employ.