• Melchor - Broome Pipeline Civils Works

    Melchor – Broome Pipeline Civils Works

  • Melchor - Broome Pipeline Works

    Melchor – Broome Pipeline Works

  • Melchor - Broome Pipeline Project

    Melchor – Broome Pipeline Project

Broom Pipelines have the licence to refuel vessels at the port in Broome, operated by Kimberley Port Authority (KPA). In November 2019, a quantity of 15,000 litres of diesel fuel could not be accounted for and it was believed that the underground fuel pipe running from the storage tank to the jetty was leaking.

The fuel line was closed down and a decision was made to replace the length of pipeline with a new line. The new line was to primarily run above ground for ease of maintenance but needed to accommodate three below ground sections to facilitate road crossings. Following design approval and receipt of development approval from KPA the works commenced on site and took 6 weeks for Melchor Contracting to complete.

The new pipe was 200mm diameter supplied in 12m lengths and joints welded on site. The pipe was supported on steel brackets cast into insitu concrete footings with Teflon spacers to provide cathodic protection. Below ground pipes were protected with two layers of denso tape. Armco barriers were installed in front of the pipe where it was vulnerable to potential traffic impact. The completed pipe was commissioned following a successful pressure testing witnessed by an independent testing authority.

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Broome Pipelines/Kimberley Port Authority


Broome, Western Australia

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